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It is very important for anyone who wants to spread the message of Islam is to study the life of the Prophet (SAW) and discover how he undertook the mission of da'wah (Call to Islam). By studying his seerah (biography), we learn the lessons of patience in the face of adversity and opposition, and the readiness to sacrifice everything for how the prophet's approach was gentle, yet determined and clear-cut, with no compromise on basic issues. Mustafa as-Sibaa'ie, in the cause of Allah, was a lecturer in the University of Damascus, where he taught seerah (the Prophet's Biography). In this book, he draws on his experience in the field and combines it with his knowledge of seerah. He takes the most important events of the seerah, summarizes them in order to offer a brief overview, then outlines the lessons to be learnt from these events. This is an excellent introduction to both, the seerah and the principles of da'wah. It should be on the bookshelf of every Muslim who wants to call other to Allah (the Almighty)

The life of prophet Muhammad Highlight

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