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A thrilling saga of passionate love, intrigue and deception set in 17th century Mughal India. Kidnapped and sent to Jahangir s harem, Nilofer is desperate to escape. Trapped between the sexual games of the harem and the ruthless enmity of the chief eunuch Behroze, her only hope is Jagat, an ordinary stonemason and her childhood sweetheart. Driven by his deep love for Nilofer, Jagat is ready to risk his life to rescue his beloved. But can his sharp mind and courage outwit the intrigues of the mighty court of Emperor Jahangir? And then there is the viciously vengeful Behroze, who is determined to destroy Nilofer.... Will Nilofer and Jagat manage to break away from the murky, unforgiving world of the royal harem? Set in the backdrop of the birth and creation of the TajMahal, Songs of Stone is the love story of Nilofer and Jagat, a tale that over the last three hundred and fifty years, has been lost in the folds of time. And yet, it lives on, secretly hidden inside an ancient mansion in Agra, biding its time, awaiting discovery.... Immensely readable, visually intricate, Songs of Stone will transport you back to the grandeur of the courts of the mighty Mughal emperors Jahangir and Shahjahan, where power, decadence and treachery thrived. It will also unravel a love story as beautiful and as heart-wrenching as that of Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal s.

Songs Of Stone

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