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With a daughter like Simi, who needs enemies? Most daughters are not like Simi - and thank god for that! Being mother to a 20 - year-old can be a nightmare. Particularly if she's sassy, stubborn, sulky and selfish - like Simi. Simi's mum is cool but confused. Why is it that when normal girls are falling in love with vampires and other sexy corpses, her daughter brings home the most disgusting specimens of mankind imaginable? There's the hypochondriac hostelite with the appetite of a locust, the firang who loves hanging out in slums and others. Sigh. And then to be accused of being an evil khap panchayat mum the cheek! Even worse, in between relationships, Simi doesn't do normal things like get a wacky haircut or read foolish self-help books to recover: she turns to religion, anarchy and bad poetry. It's terribly frustrating, because Simi's mum is dying to introduce her to medical student Imran - the cutest and nicest guy ever, who just happens to live in the building. Naturally, Simi's suffering mum needs to vent occasionally. Because no matter how cool she thinks she is, she will never be cool enough for Simi. This is her tear-streaked diary - all about Simi.

Simis Mum Dairy

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