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Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times by Stephen R Covey Bob Whitman and Breck England in this book the authors offer leaders unique methods of dealing with bad times and give them tips on how to lead their institutions or organisations to overcome various adverse circumstances The book explains the four important principles of getting predictable results in good times as well as bad times It says that good companies have simple goals and clear targets to achieve where all the team members work in cooperation while maintaining a high level of trust with all their stakeholders in good times things work out well However when there is turmoil in the industries and markets trust level drops and this raises the costs of the companies The methods to deal with unpredictable times like this are discussed in this book The book explains that unpredictable situations create fear fatal distractions worries and stress when you need to focus to the maximum Winning companies appoint the kind of people who are capable of handling difficult times and entrust them with a mission to turn their anxieties and fears into positive and fruitful results Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times aims to be a guide for organisations on how to win big even in bad conditions Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times was published by Manjul in 2012 The book is in English and it is available in paperback Key Features The book explains in simple language the 4 key methods to deal with bad times and still succeed It also points out 4 pressing hazards in the present marketplace Provocative questions that have been included at the end of every chapter help the reader to understand the concepts in the book more easily

Predictable Result in Unpredictable Times

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